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Our Products

OTC (Over The Counter)


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Fasgesic is an analgesic cream that easy to absorb and non sticky. Fasgesic Hot Cream helps to relieve aches, gout, pain due to sprains, painfull joints, and muscles pain and stiffness.

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Wan Ji You

Wan Ji You is a Black Medicated Oil which contains Peppermint, Menthol and Hakyou. It is refreshing and able to relieve muscle aches and stiffness, headache, flatulence and nausea, and itchiness due to insect bite.

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Pi Yan Ping

Pi Yan Ping is an anti-fungal cream that contains Ketoconazole 2% to treat broad-spectrum fungal infections, such as tinea versicolor, candidiasis, jock itch / tinea cruris, ringworm, fungal itching, tinea pedis, scaly skin and redness.

Household equipment

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Moist Klin

Moist Klin contains 70% alcohol which is effective to kill bacterias and viruses on the hands and leaves the skin feeling soft and not dry even applied frequently.

Clean Well

Anti-bacterial hand sanitizer without rinsing in Liquid preparations, formulated with 75% Alcohol content which effectively kills germs, bacteria and viruses and is safe for the skin, without making the skin dry or irritated because it contains Aloe Vera Extract which keeps the skin soft,  The content of Eucalyptus Essential Oil in Hand Sanitizer Clean Well functions as Aromatherapy which provides a calming and relaxing effect, and is able to prevent mosquito and insect bites.

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